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Varnishes and UV

Acrylic Varnishes

Varnish finishes are an extra element that sometimes do not seem to justify the price increase that they represent. However, they should be mandatory in quality work on matte paper, to avoid the usual refinishing related to the handling process. In addition, if you combine gloss with matte or vice versa, the printing results are often surprising, providing a gloss and texture that are difficult to achieve by other means.

This section should also include the UV varnishes, much more spectacular than the aforementioned ones, but that should preferably go over a previous offset varnish or on a matte laminate for a highlight effect, since if they are applied on white areas, they will be practically imperceptible.

UV Varnishes

These are widely used when we want to highlight areas or images selectively. They should be used in combination with a matte laminate to accentuate the effect or with a machine varnish base so that the paper does not absorb the UV varnish and the gloss effect disappears. In many cases, it is used as a substitute for gloss laminate, applying it to magazine covers and publications with a short lifespan.